3.3 Do some research

Last Reviewed: June 2023 Reviewed by: Court of Appeal Staff

Identify case law – court decisions – that relates to your case. Include court decisions (“judgments”) that support your position. Try to use decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, the BC Court of Appeal or courts of appeal from other provinces. As well, you can look up Canadian legislation and legal cases on the website of the Canadian Legal Information Institute.

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Canlii Primer by the National Self-Represented Litigants Project.

You can find court decisions in books called law reports and case digests, which are available through the law libraries at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria, and BC Courthouse Library Society.

Useful resources available at the libraries include Martin’s Annual Criminal Code (which includes helpful explanations), the law reports Canadian Criminal Cases and Criminal Reports, as well as the summaries published in BC Decisions. Ask a librarian how best to find the information you need on the courthouse library’s computer.

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