3.1 Get transcripts of your sentence proceedings and file them

Last Reviewed: June 2023 Reviewed by: Court of Appeal Staff

When you go to an appeal hearing, the court must have the court transcripts of the sentencing proceedings. Transcripts are the typed records of everything that was said at these proceedings. They contain the basic information you must use for your argument on appeal.

If you’re appealing your sentence in the Court of Appeal, the Court of Appeal registry orders the transcripts of the sentencing proceedings, pays for them, and sends you a copy before the hearing date.

If you’re appealing both your conviction and your sentence in the Court of Appeal, you must order and pay for 6 copies of the transcripts of the trial proceedings and for six copies of the sentencing proceedings. Ask how to order transcripts at the registry of the court where you were sentenced.

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See How to Appeal Your Conviction for more information about appealing your conviction.

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