1.3 What happens to the order you are appealing?

Last Reviewed: June 2023 Reviewed by: Court of Appeal Staff

Bringing an appeal will not automatically stay (stop) enforcement of the order made by the decision-maker below until your appeal has been decided. This means that you must obey the order you are appealing, unless you apply for and the Court grants you a stay.

Key Terms

Stay: to postpone a proceeding or process of execution pending the outcome of an appeal

To stay an order made in the Supreme Court under the Family Law Act, you must get an order from a Supreme Court judge (see s. 234 of the Family Law Act).

Read the Rules

To stay other orders, you may need to bring an application in chambers to a judge of the Court of Appeal. In other cases, the stay may need to be brought to the BC Supreme Court, depending on the type of order you are seeking the stay on.

To bring a stay to the Court of Appeal, you file a notice of application (Form 4) and an application book that follows the paper or e-filing completion instructions for application books.

Find the Form

Form 4 Notice of Application

DIY Tools

Paper or e-filing completion instructions for application books

For more information on obtaining a stay, see Section 3.2 - Common Applications.

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