1.7 The appellant may serve a transcript

Last Reviewed: June 2023 Reviewed by: Court of Appeal Staff

A transcript is a written record of a court or tribunal hearing.

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Rule 24 provides details about transcripts of evidence.

If witnesses testified in the previous proceedings, the appellant should obtain a transcript from those proceedings and file and serve it with the Court. A transcript is usually not necessary to resolve the issues being appealed if there were no witnesses. This means that for most appeals from Supreme Court chambers, including petitions, a transcript will not be necessary.

The transcript must be filed at the same time as the Appeal Record, not more than 60 days after the appellant filed the notice of appeal, or after the date a judge in chambers granted them leave to appeal. The appellant must serve a filed copy of the transcript on you and any other respondent.

If you and the appellant disagree about whether a transcript of proceedings other than oral testimony is necessary to resolve the issues being appealed, you can contact the registry and ask the Registrar or a Justice to decide what transcripts are required.

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