3.1 File copies of your trial transcripts and appeal book

Last Reviewed: June 2023 Reviewed by: Court of Appeal Staff

After filing your Notice of Appeal, within 60 days you must:

  1. File 4 copies of each of an appeal book and transcript; and
  2. Deliver one copy of the appeal book and transcript to the Crown.

Appeal book

An appeal book (Form 4) is a bound document with a blue cover.

It contains, among other items, the Information or Indictment relating to your offence, as well as evidence (exhibits and affidavits) from the court below. You can find more information about what to include on Form 4, and details about the format of the appeal book at Rule 8


Find the Form


When you go to an appeal hearing, the court must have the transcripts of the trial proceedings. Transcripts are the typed records of everything that was said at trial. They contain the basic information you must use for your argument on appeal, including the evidence and rulings below. See Form 5 for more information about what transcripts must include, and Rule 8 for more information about the required format.

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You must order and pay for the original plus five copies of the transcripts of the trial proceedings. Ask how to order transcripts at the registry of the court where you were convicted.

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